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Shelf Corporations

Shelf Corporations are accessible for business and for purchase.

Shelf corporations allow you to participate into business, credit, or real estate contracts as a reputable company without having to go through the long waiting time of establishing a brand new company.

The law says that an establishment is a legal “person” separate from its owners. The age of the owners do not essentially correspond with the age of the companies.


When the HR.Heiz Company indorses that it was established in 1869, it does not mean that all of the stockholders are well over 100 years old. It simply means that the business was filed in that year.

You can take advantage of similar trustworthiness benefits when advertising to customers. The age of your business can give greater credibility to customers and creditors than a business that was recently established, especially if the length of time that you have been in business is equal to the age of the establishment that you acquire.


Let’s suppose you have been in the plumbing field for 12 years. Your lawyer and bookkeeper recommend that you incorporate for accountability protection and tax savings. So, you acquire a 12-year-old aged company that corresponds with amount of time you have been in business. This way, when you advertise that you have been in business for a dozen years, if a potential customer looks up you company, they will see that your business filing date will correspond with the amount of time you have actually conducted business. Likewise, acquiring companies and other active businesses with established credit and existing credit lines as well as building credit on your company can give the business a big financial boost. It is responsible to note that age is certainly not the only factor in copying and corporate credibility and we recommend full disclosure as to the date that you acquired the aged company.

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